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Ls 430 from the Brendan Beck
This is the best car ever made you can't beat it. It is more quiet and smooth then any car I have every driven. It is also very fast, and it handles great. The reliablity is unmatched, along with the safety....

Lexus LS430 from the Harbir
As a buyer who spent a lot of time comparing the LS430 with BMW, Mercedes, and Audi, my conclusion is that the LS 430 beats them all, hands down. It is a great package of features, fun to drive, and wonderful in styling. I also think the criticism that...

Lexus LS430 from the Eightcut, from Los Angeles, CA
This is a thoroughly well made car that is a pleasure to operate. Every detail seems to be quality, and there are plenty of neat places to stash stuff. If you want a Cadillac ride without driving a boat, this is your car. The handling is surprisingly...

LS430 HistoryThe Lexus LS (sold as the Toyota Celsior in Japan) is a V8-powered, rear wheel drive luxury car that serves as the flagship of Toyota's luxury Lexus division. A length of almost five meters (200 in) gives the LS a "large car" classification in Europe as well as in the United States. According to reviews, the LS 400 has one of the most silent cabins among modern cars and is sometimes hailed as one of the most refined, well-engineered and technologically advanced vehicles in the high-end luxury car segment. As the LS's suspension is tuned primarily for ride comfort and isolation, the model is often accused of not being as sporty as German competitors such as the BMW 7 Series. The exterior design has also been referred to as being unexciting and ordinary, yet has superb fit-and-finish and one of the lowest drag coefficients of any sedan on the market.

Lexus LS430
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