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2001 Lexus LS430 Review, Stan, From NY, Brooklyn

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 Model of the car:LS430
 General comments:Great Car, Wonderful stylin and design. And I gotta say about the review under mine (from John from Texas)....Is John CRAZY? He's comparing an Mercedes-Benz S430 to a Lexus LS430. Ok...where to begin...(1) The S430's base price is $70k, the LS430's is $54k, with the Added luxo package the LS430 will be $68k, the MB S430 will be $86 k with an added luxo package. John says that Lexus is copying MB in all their features,well does he mean? Does he mean a Cd player, a car stereo and front seats? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH HIM???? EVERY CAR IN THE WORLD HAS SEATS AND STEREOS!!!! So what does he mean that " ...But as far as luxury goes mercedes takes the gold with all its unique and one of a kind gizmos and gadgets" , was john a crack baby? What "unique" gadgets and gizmos does the MB S430 have that the Lexus doesn't? It's the other way around, The LS430 has more unique gadgets and gizmos than the MB S430. Does the MB S430 have a rear center consol that lets you control the sound system, the HVAC and your rear seats? Does the MB S430 have a rear cooler that keeps your drinks cold while you drive? Does the MB have rear messaging seats? I DON"T THINK SO!!!!!(2)John goes on to complain that the Lexus copies the MB all the time. But so what if it does, if it copies an MB product and improves on it then i say GO FOR IT. John keeps mentioning that what you pay is what you get. Well,well,well...the LS430 costs almost $20k less than the base MB (S430) but it beats it in every single way. And John says that there is now competition between teh MB and LS430, well, John ...add another $20k of options and equipment to the LS430 and the Lexus will prob be better than the S600 (probably already better except for the engine)The LS430 is the BEST car that you can get in it's class. It beats out all of it's competition in every way. I would definitly recommend this car to anyone!!!!!
 What things have gone wrong with the car:None.
 Previous car:MB S430----> The LS430 is more powerful,quicker, has a much more comfortable interior, more features and still costs less then the S430

Review 2001 Lexus LS430 Stan, From NY, Brooklyn
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