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2001 Lexus LS430 Review, Jeff Herman, From Chatsworth

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 Model of the car:LS43
 General comments:This is my fourth three year lease of an LS400 and now LS430. At the completion of each lease I make the rounds to all of the luxury car companies to review their products to make sure that I am driving the best car. BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar and Infinity all got my time this round and not one of them measured up to the quality, ride, sound system, and performance of this car. The mercedes S430 was interesting but for $15000.00 more, WHY...... The Mercedes S430 navigation system uses time consuming dials to put in an address and uses a CD drive for their mapping. The LS430 has a convenient touch screen and A DVD drive that covers the entire country. This type of quality feature's is what makes this car such a dream. I frankly felt alittle guilty driving the new LS430 knowing that for $60000.00 I was driving the best car on the planet. Not even a Rolls can compare and a Rolls sells for $300.000.00. IN twelve years I have not had A SINGLE problem that required service with any of my five 'My wife has the ES300" Lexus's. I to believe this car would have received an overall 5 rating on this site but for the guy who rated the car a 1 and could not have been rating the LS430 for other than malicious reasons. I hope I can help one person make the right decision.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Not a one... I do understand the need for the navigation announcement each time, but it can get annoying.

Review 2001 Lexus LS430 Jeff Herman, From Chatsworth
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