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2001 Lexus LS430 Review, DeJohn, From Dallas,Tx

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Lexus LS430 LS

 Model of the car:Lexus LS430 LS
 General comments:Lexus is a nice car.But it isnt nice enough to compare to a Mercedes.Even though its nothing but Mercedes just cheaper.The interior is nice,although it shares the same goodies inside as a mercedes.Lets face it,Lexus are nice cars and everything but all they are good for is saying I have a Luxo. car that is just like a MB,or Beamer.Being the kind of person that i am I would rather have a REAL LUXURY CAR than an IMMITATION.Basically all Lexus does is just copy Other Luxury cars(mainly mercedes)and slap a few Lexus logos on it and call it a car of perfection.Well im sorry but that is not right.Ill be Honest in Performance the Lexus can out run the S430(which i remind is base S class)But as far as luxury goes mercedes takes the gold with all of its unique and one of a kind gizmos and gadgets.Lexus cant mess with the S500,the S55 AMG or without a doubt the S600.Lexus is a big copy.Lexus is a complete shamefull copier.And has been doing it for years.The LS430 is a copy of the last generation S class.The LS400 is a copy of the 84'-92' model year Mercedes.The GS shows slight originality.But when looked at closely you can see the E class Mercedes clearly. Only difference is the head and tail lights and other cover up copies.The ES is to cheap looking to be a copy of a Mercedes. Although I cant really see the copies im sure they are there.But to me the ES is nothing but a more fully Loaded Sleeker Toyota Camry.In my opinion all Lexus does is make a copy of a base model Benz Make it faster and equaly luxurious to try and compete.But they are obviously to dumb to copy another model.Although i wouldnt be surprised to see an LS500 or LS55 AMG or even an LS600 V-12.And it goes to show how well Lexus is at copying cause when looking at the all new SC430 closely you can plainly see a MB SLK. And as far as Lexus holding it value you can forget about because in 5 years from now you wouldnt get half of what you paid for it.Unlike in a Mercedes.My first car was a Mercedes 600SEL and after 15 years of minor problems(jammed seatbelts,window stuck,etc.) I still received almost $25,000 for it. So for everybody thinking Lexus is the best all around Luxury car in the world Well I am about as truthful as they come and when you own MB,BMW,Jag,And LEXUS. Lexus always seem to be well Underclassed, and well,it is with its $15,000 cheaper price than S430 and 75,000 cheaper than loaded S600.But hey this is the United States of America and I believe everybody can agree when i say "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR"!!What im trying to say is you dont go out and pay $15,000 for a Toyota and expect a Cadillac for $40,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Its a upscale Toyota
 Previous car:Compared to Mercedes~ Not as good looking as new S. Not as sporty. Not as Luxurious.Compared To BMW~ Bigger,Better Looking. Not as Fast. More Luxurious.Compared To Jag.~Better Looking.Slower. More Lux.

Review 2001 Lexus LS430 DeJohn, From Dallas,Tx
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