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2001 Lexus LS430 Review, Kelly, From New York

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Lexus LS430

 Model of the car:Lexus LS430
 General comments:Wow! This has got to be the biggest group of die hard Lexus fans I have ever encountered! I have to agree with Aaron that this is a truly great car and Lexus has made leaps and bounds with this product but it is an exaggeration to say that this car has beaten all its German rivals. I suspect that many of the reviewers were comparing it to their older previous Mercedes S class's or 7 series BMW's. Just look at the June 2001 edition of Motor Trend review comparing these cars and you will see why--4 of the 7 editors would have purchased the S430 if it was with their own money vs only 1 of 7 who would have purchased the Lexus LS430 even with the 15000 dollar difference. My brother owns the S430 sport and all you have to do is to REALLY test drive the two--really drive hard and try to turn all the corners. With my Lexus, I still have to slow down to make the corners whereas the S430 carve through the curves without having to slow down and with total control. The LS430 still feels too large in its handling whereas the S430 feels like it has the control of a smaller nimbler car and yet has all the luxury amenities to go along with it. One thing that is great about the Lexus is the Mark Levinson sound system. It is much better than the BOSE in the Mercedes. In addition, the interior is absolutely beautiful with high quality wood trims and material. Don't get me wrong. I love my Lexus and it truly gives you more goodies for less money than many of its German competitors. But I have to agree with Aaron--if my brother's Mercedes S430 sport costs the same as my LS430, I would have picked the Mercedes and I believe that most people would do the same too.If that is the case, then the Lexus is still not the benchmark setter but oh--they are getting closer and closer to it by the day!
 What things have gone wrong with the car:feels like a large car and not nimble, the engine sound too muted, not as fun to drive as the S class or the 740 or even the Audi A8
 Previous car:Mercedes S430 sport--nice and sporty. Best combination of luxury and fun handling--still the number 1. Audi A8--really nice car

Review 2001 Lexus LS430 Kelly, From New York
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