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2001 Lexus LS430 Review, Alex Hernandez, From Albuquerq

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Lexus Ls430

 Model of the car:Lexus Ls430
 General comments:well for all the mercedes lovers out there, if it wasnt for lexus who buy the way paved the way for a more luxurious interior, mercedes wouldnt have a telescopic steering wheel or illuminisint lights in the dash. even back when the ls 400 came out in 1990 it was a far more better deal than the s 500 and by the way the interior of an s500 is disgusting the rear of an s 500 is so ugly i duuno. even now you get into a newer mercedes model and you will still find boring simple designs on the mercedes priced below 80,000 dollars, im sorry to say that but it is true, im not hating on mercedes i like the car, but all mercedes has is a reputation, a reputation that if you own a mercedes "your rich" thats all. what you rich yuppies out there need to do is open your eyes to the good qualitie things out there, dont open your wallets. everyone knows you have money. instead of buying one s600 buy to Lexus's hey they always said two is better than one, right? anyways thats all i have to say. didnt mean to offend anyone! if i did get some help.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:needs a better style it looks to much like a cadillac, its like an old mans car unless you get it all black throw some ground effects and some 19 inch rims with a sports suspension pakage that will lower the car couple inches that car will pimp all kinds of ladies trust me i know! i did the same thing with my old 94 lexus ls 400 well its up to the buyer every car has a weekness mercedes has cheap plastic controll buttons that feel has if there gonna break if you barely touch them. any ways those are my two favorite cars so i shouldnt speak badly about the s class so i wont, from hear on out.
 Previous car:ive diven a bmw 750 and the ride is much rougher than the ls430, the interior is also a little boring but they have gotten better ive driver the s class and they are very simmilar but lexus is the better car for the money and quality, ive driven an audi A

Review 2001 Lexus LS430 Alex Hernandez, From Albuquerq
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